Tech Spec


  • Minimum floor / stage area required: 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft)
  • The duration is about 60 minutes without interval
  • The performance features one singer and six musicians: baroque oboe, sackbut, harpsichord, 2 viola da gamba and violone
  • One technician will tour with the company to liaise with the in-house technical staff

Stage layout

The Tempest - stage layout 3

  • the Harpsichord and Projection Screen will be on opposite sides of the stage
  • Viol 1 and Viol 2 will be seated throughout the performance
  • The other musicians – countertenor, baroque oboe and sackbut – will stand when they are performing and sit at the back when they are not involved
  • Sound Affairs will bring 6 chairs for the musicians
  • Sound Affairs will provide music stands with lights for the musicians


Sound Affairs will tour with:

  • a fast fold projection screen (8 foot x 6 foot)
  • 6000 Lumen projector complete with a selection of lenses and a projector stand (the projector will be c. 4m behind the screen)
  • Mac Mini – Qlab – 13A 4-way power will be required at the control position FOH for operation


Sound Affairs will tour with:

  • 9 Music stands – require 13A stage left and right

Required from venue:

  • Generic Back Wash – L119 Gel will be provided by the company
  • Generic Back Wash – L550 Gel will be provided by the company
  • LX Desk – submasters to be programmed in for no more than 10 states
  • Sound Affairs will need access to in-house dimming systems


  • FOH system and mixing desk – for house music provided by the company

Dressing rooms

  • Access to secure dressing rooms would be preferred

Get-in and Get-out

  • Load in time: 14:00 on the day of performance. Exact get in times to be confirmed before the day of performance
  • Please provide one crew, for example a technician or stage manager, to assist with load in, setting up and get out


  • Parking for one Transit sized van will be required

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